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Vessel of Liberation

The Vessel of Liberation

In the story of Moses, Aaron and Miriam, we ultimately come to understand that to leave bondage - slavery, represented by Egypt in the biblical narrative, one must go through an initiation, which is symbollized by the Desert in the biblical narrative, and in the Desert, commune with the Divine Feminine Presence, Miriam´s Well.

Prophetess Miriam represents the vessel through which Moses can manifest his mission and light. Her support, guidance, and prophetic gifts are indispensable to the journey of the Israelites from slavery to sovereignty. In her, we see the power of the sister, the prophetess, the healer, and the artist, working in harmony to fulfill a divine purpose.

To embody Miriam is to embrace the Holy Spirit and the healing of our inner Sacred Feminine. She teaches us the strength of the vessel — our own beings, prepared and purified to receive the divine. In her ecstatic prayer, Miriam shows us a form of worship where the sole intention is to be a holy vessel for Alaha, free from expectation, open to infinite reception.

Each and every one of us goes through a wanting to break free. We are enslaved to our fears, judgements, societal and familial programming, duality. When we go through the process of awakening, it is because the Soul has spoken, and we are listening. To move away from this enslavement, we go deep into our inner journey, the desert, just as Yeshua went into the Desert to free himself from satana, the inner demons. Sometimes the journey is long, at times it is shorter, but the journey is the initiation, death and renewal.

The parting of the Red Sea is a central theme in this biblical narrative. Mystically, the parting of the Red Sea symbolizes the transition from bondage to freedom, from darkness to light, and from ignorance to enlightenment.

The Red Sea represents the barriers and challenges that seem insurmountable on our spiritual journey. Its miraculous parting by Divine intervention is a powerful symbol of transformation, illustrating that with faith and divine guidance, we can overcome any obstacle and move from a state of bondage or limitation to one of freedom and liberation.

Mystically, the Red Sea can be seen as the boundary between the material and spiritual worlds, between the known and the unknown. Crossing it signifies the soul's journey from the physical realm into a deeper, spiritual existence, highlighting the transition from a life focused on the material to one that seeks spiritual understanding and enlightenment. It also represents the Faith and the strong relationship needed with the Feminine to actually go into the unknown.

The passage through the Red Sea is also a process of purification and renewal. Just as the Israelites emerged from the sea to begin anew, the crossing symbolizes the soul's purification from past errors, mistakes, and the ego, enabling a rebirth into a state of higher consciousness and spiritual awareness.

The parting of the Red Sea also teaches that faith has the power to open pathways where none seem to exist, guiding us through the darkest moments of our spiritual journey.

Today, as we reflect on this story, bring the following themes into your reflective practice:

Reflection on Bondage and Liberation: In what ways do you feel enslaved by fears, judgments, societal expectations, or familial programming? How can identifying these "chains" be the first step towards your own exodus and liberation?

The Desert as Initiation: Reflect on a period in your life that felt like a desert—a time of challenge, isolation, or transformation. How did this "desert experience" serve as an initiation for you? What lessons did you learn about yourself and your relationship with the Divine during this time?

Communing with the Divine Feminine: Miriam's Well represents a source of spiritual sustenance and communion with the Divine Feminine. How do you connect with the Divine Feminine in your life? What practices or experiences help you tap into this nurturing and healing energy?

The Strength of the Vessel: Miriam teaches us about the strength of our own vessel—our being—prepared and purified to receive the divine. Reflect on the ways in which you prepare yourself to be a "vessel" for divine guidance and inspiration. How do you maintain openness and purity in your spiritual practice?

Crossing Your Red Sea: The parting of the Red Sea symbolizes the miraculous transition from bondage to freedom, guided by faith. Can you identify a "Red Sea" moment in your life, a time when faith helped you overcome seemingly insurmountable barriers? How did crossing this threshold change you, and how do you continue to draw on that experience in your journey towards enlightenment?

This week is deep and powerful, as we relive La Via Dolorosa of Yeshua Messiah and prepare ourselves for the Resurrection of Christ.

St Teresa of Ávila said the following words:

“It is foolish to think that we will enter heaven without entering into ourselves.”

Wise words that are similar to Yeshua´s words when he teaches us that the Kingdom of heaven is within.

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I have shared a Shekhinah Sacred Dance Practice below. Praying with the body helps us ground energy and awaken the creative chanel.

Sending so much love.


Ana Otero

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