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Womb of Light. Sarai Codes of Infinity

Yesterday I was finally able to pick up my High Resolution prints for the Sarah Tamar Infinity Codes. Eva, the beautiful Lady who also printed the Nun Codes Oracle Cards, was away for the holidays and, although there are so many printing companies, what she delivers is absolutely magical. I chose an Infinity Code today to share with the Community and it was WOMB OF LIGHT. Meditate on the image and you can chant the mantra. At the end you will find a video of me sharing these Infinity Codes and talking about them.

Womb of Light

This is one of the most powerful activations in the Sarai Infinity Codes.

On top we have Yeshua´s Menorah.

In the Middle is the Seal of Solomon - Star of David - The Bottom is the Fish, the key into the Divine Feminine Wisdom Codes once the Inner Sacred Marriage is experienced.

These three activations together are a trinity within themselves and when we meditate on this Sarai Infinity Code, the Magdalene Womb of Light is awakened. This is the Womb of Light Conception, the Womb of Divine Union, the Womb of the Divine Human who holds the Light. This is the Christed Womb.

Meditate on this Sarai Infinity Code and the Maryams, the Priestesses of Light, will guide you, heal you, and your Womb Space will be restored, regenerated. This is the Holy Womb of Mother Mary.

Sacred Mantra: Rachme D´Noohra

This is the Aramaic Mantra for Womb of Light.


Ana Otero

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