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Yeshua´s Wilderness

In the Book of Matthew, we encounter a passage that is a profound spiritual initiation. I will share these words first in Aramaic, followed by its translation into English:

Haydeen Yeshua atdabar men Ruha d'Qudsha l'midbara d'nathnasa men akal qartsa.

This translates as: "Then Yeshua was led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil."

This passage invites contemplation: Why would the Holy Spirit guide Yeshua into the wilderness, into the very face of temptation? In the linguistic heart of Aramaic, the term often translated as "devil" can signify darkness, the adversary, or that which estranges us from the light. It is in the solitude of the wilderness where Yeshua confronts these shadows, these inner adversaries. Guided by the Holy Spirit, which dwelled within him after being baptized by John (Yohanan), Yeshua embarks on this desert journey to purify and heal his inner darkness, his Tikkun, preparing himself for the monumental task ahead—His ministry.

This narrative mirrors our own spiritual journey. When we sense a call towards a grander destiny yet feel hindered, it is perhaps because we, too, must venture into our personal wilderness. In this sacred silence, we are called to face our own demons. The reality we inhabit is shaped by our current existence and choices, yet the life we aspire to cannot fully manifest while burdened by these unexamined shadows. By confronting and releasing these inner demons, we pave the way for the soul's next chapter.

Embracing the wilderness journey accelerates our soul's evolution. It is a profound act of saying "yes" to spiritual growth, potentially bringing forth blessings and lessons that might have otherwise taken lifetimes to receive.

Today, I shared a thought on social media after contemplating these powerful words in Aramaic:

Prayer is our whispered dialogue with the divine, a gentle stirring to awaken the Light Body within. It is the sacred act of opening ourselves, transforming our very essence into a hallowed sanctuary for the divine to reside. Through prayer, we embrace the sanctity of our earthly journey, honoring both our earthly vessel and the celestial wellspring from which all creation flows. This path of prayer, woven with reverence, guides us homeward to the very essence of our soul's inception. In this language of the heart, from devotion's purest expressions, we speak in the holy tongue of the Divine Mother, echoing her eternal love and wisdom.

Every day, give yourself the chance to dwell in your personal desert. Sit with the Rucha D’Koodsha (Holy Spirit) and allow her to fortify you, to transcend the shadows. Begin with prayer, and recognize that choosing the light is, in itself, a powerful act of prayer.

In embracing these moments of solitude and reflection, we find strength and purification, preparing ourselves for the journeys that lie ahead. Let us each say "yes" to our wilderness, to the transformative power of prayer, and to the light that guides us home.

In what ways have you experienced your own "wilderness," and how has this solitude or challenge provided an opportunity for personal growth and spiritual awakening?

What "inner demons" or adversities have you encountered in your silence and solitude? How have these challenges served as catalysts for your healing and evolution?

Reflect on the moments when you've felt guided or led by a force greater than yourself (the "Spirit of Holiness"). How has this guidance appeared in your life, and in what ways have you responded to it?

Consider the concept of Tikkun (healing or correction) in your own life. What aspects of yourself do you feel are in need of purification or healing in order to fully step into your purpose or next great mission?

How does prayer, whatever expression this may take, help you navigate your personal wilderness? In moments of deep connection, how have you felt the presence of the "light" or divine love, and how has it transformed your journey?

Today, Wednesday, is ruled by Dalet. Dalet represents an initiation and it is the one who is emptied to receive. May this Dalet day bring us infinite blessings.

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Sending so much love to all of you.


Ana Otero

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Your words always feel at home in my heart, Ahava and Blessings ❤️🔥🙏🏻🪽😊


Feb 28

Blessings Ana🌹thank you for Sharing. I’m not always on Social Media. And these Words & Actions are Important @ this time. There is

Alot to unpack here🙏🏻I will spend some time in Contemplating while We Continue Our Desert Journey….


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