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Channeling John the Baptist.Facing the Wild Beasts

The darker aspects of your being cannot be transformed unless they are first brought to light. Open the door to your darkness and allow the shadows and the demons to be revealed. When you look at your shadows and your demons, dance with them, know them, understand them. This will allow the passive and undesirable powers that lay hidden controlling your life and producing toxic behaviour and experiences to transform into positive influences in you and your experience. Did you know that the qualities you most wish to acquire lay hidden in your own demons?

It is in this transformation that you can access the door into your infinity. If you do not dare to know your Demons, these will block you from your infinity, they will do everything in their power for you not to access the Void, Creation and Light.

Raise yourself and remain eternal. Raise yourself and claim your infinity. Raise yourself above all heights and descend lower than any depth that you have tasted.

Stop imprisoning your soul within the body. You devalue your incarnation this way. You send the message to the Light that you do not want to attain the Kingdom.

Your Soul drowns with your fears and duality. You must go deep within the space of the rivers and summon the angel of Light. The Angel will answer to you: Step out of Hiding so that the Light can find you.

As you wander in the Desert your wild beasts will be freed, and you will look at them in the eye. Do not let them grow in the darkness and have a hidden control over you.

Remember that as the deep waters that hold you are cleansed, your greatness is revealed.

Only that which becomes conscious by bringing it to the light can be overcome.

Be open. Be healed. Be love. Be greatness.


Channeled by Ana Otero

Day 1 of our Novena to John the Baptist. CLICK HERE to join us.

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