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Dialogue with the Serpent

Dialogue with the Nachash (The Serpent)

You: Who are you that slithers into my path, casting shadows upon my journey?

Nachash: I am the Nachash, the ancient serpent, the whisperer of doubts and the bringer of tempting alternatives. Why follow a path so rigid when a world of possibilities lies at your feet?

You: Your words are slick and enticing, yet they carry a chill that unsettles my heart. You speak of possibilities, but what of the truth of my soul, the prophecy it carries within?

Nachash: Ah, the soul's prophecy... a mere echo of a distant truth. Why bind yourself to a destiny unseen when immediate pleasures and comforts can be yours?

You: But these are fleeting, are they not? The joys you offer are but shadows compared to the light of true fulfillment. The soul's prophecy is not just a distant echo, but a guiding star, leading to a purpose far greater than momentary satisfaction.

Nachash: Yet, the path is long and arduous. I offer you ease, relief from the burdens of your quest. Why toil under the weight of prophecy when you can dance in the lightness of freedom?

You: What you call freedom is but a gilded cage. It lures with sweetness, only to bind with invisible chains. The truest freedom lies in fulfilling the soul's calling, in embracing the prophecy that is uniquely mine.

Nachash: Consider the power I offer, the ease of a life unburdened by destiny. Turn away from your prophecy, and all that I have is yours.

You: No, Nachash. Your temptations, though alluring, are veils that blind us from our true vision. The prophecy of my soul is not just a burden, but a gift, a purpose that elevates and enlightens. In its pursuit, I find my true strength, my authentic self.

Nachash: You are strong, more than most. But remember, I am always here, lurking in the shadows, waiting for a moment of weakness...

You: And I shall be ever vigilant, for the journey of the soul is not without its trials. But it is in these trials that I find my true power, in saying no to the distractions that veer me from my path. I embrace the prophecy of my soul, for in it lies my truth, my light, and my destiny.

From my new book soon to be released!

Below you can listen to this weeks Shabbat Message. Every month we celebrate our Online Magdalene Shabbat Gathering. CLICK HERE to join us.

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