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Palm Sunday and the Holy Week

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, the days leading to the Resurrection on Easter Day. Palm Sunday is a preparation for the Resurrection to occur within us.

The series of events in Holy Week, beginning with Palm Sunday, describes a process of our own deep transformation.

The Blind belief in historical events will not bring our transformation. Honoring the history is important, yet we must cultivate an experience of this reality.

The palm branches that we receive on Palm Sunday represent the recognition of our own and each other’s triumphal light and royal spiritual heritage.

Palm Sunday was a very special moment for me as my Ceremony and Ritual were quite different from other years. Although I firmly believe in the Christ and Magdalene true ministry, I still enjoy going to the Catholic Mass on Palm Sunday. I went early in the morning, as my intention was to buy a Palm tree and an Olive tree, 2 very important biblical trees, for the garden of my new home. It took me a while to plant these and then I sat under the Palm tree drumming and praying. It was a very powerful and humbling experience.

The palm tree represents victory, peace, fertility, rest and the triumph of light. In Sacred Scripture, palm branches were used to celebrate the arrival of Yeshua in the city of Jerusalem. The triumph of the Light is an expression of the divine, royal Selfhood within each one of us. Our Royalty and Sovereignty, which is the activation of our Spiritual DNA and Royal - Spiritual Blood, can become obscured by our ego personality and life´s routine. Palm Sunday has brought us the message that we must now access the interior light of our being.

In the teachings of the Desert Rose it is believed that in Holy Week we can access the transmissions and frequencies of all of the Aramaic Letters, Aleph, the first, until Tav, the last. Rumi says: have you ever seen

a seed fallen to earth

not rise with a new life

why should you doubt the rise

of a seed named human Let us be in reflection, meditation and inwardness in this Holy Week, in preparation for our Death and our Rebirth in Spirit.

The Gospel of Philip states: Through the Holy Spirit, we are reborn. Through Christ, we are conceived when we are baptized in two things. The Spirit anoints us, and when we are conceived, we are united.

We are gathering in Community on Holy Sunday, April 9th, for a Magdalene - Christ Easter Mass. CLICK HERE for the link to join us at 15,00 CET.

Sending so much love.


Ana Otero

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