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Pisces Full Moon: The Second Coming

The Pisces Full Moon invites us to journey into our subconscious, to explore the realms of imagination, intuition, and dream states. As the sign of the fish is associated with the spiritual and the mystical, this full moon invites us to embrace our inner wisdom, compassion, and artistic inclinations. It is a time for healing, for letting go of the past, and for opening our hearts to the universal love that surrounds us. The Pisces Full Moon encourages us to embrace our inner mystic, to listen to the whispers of our soul, and to trust in the unfolding journey of life.

In Gnostic Biblical Astrology, both the Sign of Pisces and Virgo are deeply connected to the Christ Lineage.

The Pisces Experience activates the Aramaic-Hebrew letter Nun. Representing a fish, a symbol that has ancient and widespread associations with fertility, life, and the divine feminine, Nun is the entry point into Divine Feminine Wisdom Codes. The fish symbolizes the womb of life, and as the fish swims in the water, so does life grow and develop in the womb. Nun also represents faithfulness and the soul’s journey through the cosmic sea of existence. Nun is associated with the emergence of life. In the context of the Divine Feminine Wisdom Codes, the Nun can be seen as a symbol of the sacred and life-giving waters of the womb, a source of creation, transformation, and healing. It is a reminder of the cyclical nature of life, the mystery of creation, and the deep wisdom that resides within the feminine aspect of the divine.

The Fish was also a very important secret symbol. In times of persecution after Yeshua Messiah was crucified, his community would recognize each other by the sign of the Fish, the Nun taking on a meaning of protection and guidance through the Divine Feminine Presence.

In astrological ages, the Age of Pisces is associated with the last 2,000 years, the era in which Christianity emerged and spread across the world. Some biblical astrologers believe that the two fish represent the Old and the New Testament, the old and the new covenant.

In Gnostic Biblical Astrology, the two fish swimming in opposite directions are interpreted as a metaphor for the duality of human life on Earth. One fish represents the soul's journey on Earth, while the other represents the soul's journey in the spiritual realm. The cord that connects the two fish symbolizes the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.

In Biblical eschatology, the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius is associated with the Second Coming of Christ and the establishment of a new age of peace and enlightenment. This Second Coming is of the Kallah Messiah Mary Magdalene, the Feminine Christ, who incarnates in Spirit through the Body Vessels of the Magdalenes. The Magdalenes are those who have made a Soul Contract through the presence of Mother Anna to serve the Feminine Christ here on Earth.

6 Planets are retrograde during this Pisces Full Moon. Retrogrades give the illusion of a planet moving backwards from our perspective on Earth. During the Pisces Blue Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto will all be in retrograde.

The external world may feel overwhelming during all these retrogrades and this sensation may be heightened during the Full Moon in Pisces. Let us see this as an opportunity to take refuge and create order in our inner sanctuary.

“The soul’s true richness is in the inner court...And there is no reason to be afraid of the soul’s beauty or of seeing it. Within this mansion of ourselves, and even nearer, lies another center, like the kernel in a palatable almond; and we ourselves are the shell, entirely covering it.”

St Teresa of Ávila. The Interior Castle.

This quote reflects the idea that our inner world is sacred and essential. St. Teresa of Avila often wrote about the interior life being a journey towards intimate union with Alaha. In her metaphor, the kernel, which is the most important part of the almond, represents the soul. Similarly, our inner world is like a compass, guiding us to the divine within us and beyond us.

The image is from the Desert Rose Oracle Cards available through my website. As Pisces heightens visual activations, take some time to reflect and meditate on the image of Kallah Messiah Mary Magdalene. You will receive a message.

Full Moon Blessings and may we be in Kadosh, sacredness, on this Mystical Union of Soul and Incarnation today.

Sending so much love.


Ana Otero

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