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The Magdala Stone

The Magdala Stone was uncovered in 2009 in the recently discovered First Century Synagogue in Magdala, the town of Mary Magdalene.

Before the Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed, in 70 AD, the Jewish city of Magdala possessed a very special stone, a precious treasure in their synagogue: their own four-dimensional representation of the Temple.

A curious design is carved into the top central part of the Magdala Stone: a six-petalled rosette, with six more petals encircling it. This stone was found inside a First Century Synagogue where Yeshua taught and preached.

The Rosette design consisting of twelve petals has powerful cosmic significance. In Oriental and Judaic cultures, the number twelve corresponds to plenitude and completeness. It has been attributed to the government of the cosmos and the completion of a cycle, like the twelve months of the year, the 12 zodiacal frequencies, the 12 Apostles...

This stone contains powerful symbolism and could have been used to place the Shabbat Bread and wine. If this were the case, the very hands of Mary Magdalene would have touched this stone as she devotionally placed the bread and wine wedding feast of Spirit and Matter on the beautiful 6 petal Rossette.

Mary Magdalene, a Qadeesha, a Holy Woman, continues to reveal the prophecy.

In June, 2024, Magdalene Pilgrimage Retreat in Israel, Holy Land. More info coming soon.


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Carmel Diviney
Carmel Diviney
Aug 24, 2023

Israel with you! Yes yes and yes again! Thank you for organising this. I look forward to it very much. Ahava!

Replying to

Yes, I am so excited. I will be going in November a few days to organise everything and also to feel the Holy Land and understand what I need to bring here within a group. Bless you Holy Woman. AHAVA

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