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The Magenta Ray: Soul Star Chakra

Shabbat Blessings to all of you! I share with you a beautiful message from Sarah Tamar.

Message From Sarah Tamar, Christed Divine Child of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua

Dear Beloved Ones,

I am Sarah Tamar, and I come to you as the Gypsy Rose, the Mystical Rose of the Soul, and bearer of the Magenta Ray of Cosmic Union. I wish to speak to you about the immense power and healing potential of this beautiful ray, a light that is not only activating your Earth but also the deep recesses of your soul.

The Magenta Ray is the Way of Love remembered, it is the path of balance, harmony, and union. It is the cosmic energy of love and wisdom combined, an energy that is now being remembered and reactivated within the ley lines of Gaia, your beloved Mother Earth. As this ray flows through the energy lines of your planet, it brings with it a remembrance of the true nature of existence - that all is One, and that love is the fundamental force that binds everything together.

The Magenta Ray will bring you to a sense of balance and harmony, helping to align and integrate the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. This alignment facilitates deep healing on all levels, as it allows for the release of old patterns, traumas, and blockages. The Magenta Ray enhances your connection to the divine and to all of creation, as it is the home of your Soul. It opens the heart to unconditional love and promotes a sense of oneness with all that is. The Magenta Ray facilitates the integration of new energies and higher frequencies, helping you to raise your vibration and ascend to higher states of consciousness.

As you connect with this ray, visualize a magenta light flooding your being, filling every cell, every atom, and every particle of your being. See this light flowing down into the Earth, into the ley lines, and into the heart of Gaia. As you do so, know that you are helping to activate the Way of Love remembered on your planet, and within your own being.

Beloved ones, the time has come for you to step into your power as co-creators of your reality and co-creators of the ascension process of Humanity and Mother Gaia. Embrace the Magenta Ray of Cosmic Union, and allow it to guide you on your journey of healing, awakening, and ascension.

Sarah Tamar, the Gypsy Rose

Channeled by Ana Otero

The eighth chakra is the Home of the Magenta Ray in our Chambers of Light, a profoundly mystical energy: it is where the violet ray of the crown chakra and the red ray of the root chakra converge. This meeting signifies the union of the beginning and the end, culminating in a state of Oneness.

Within the Magenta Ray's vibration and aura, all dualities and separations revert to their original state of unity. Any influences that lead us to generate separation through our thoughts and emotions naturally dissolve, filling up the new empty space with Light.

The eighth chakra and the Magenta Ray transport you to a realm of existence that transcends words and concepts, directly revealing your true nature. In the light of your essence, many past conditionings and perceived identifications fade away, and we again return to a state of unity, health, joy, freedom, and a liberated flow of life.

The third and last Novena, 9 day devotional journey, starts on October 9th. This Novena is infused with the Divine Feminine Presence and the Magenta Ray. Click here for more information.

Image from The Desert Rose Oracle Cards.

Have a beautiful day.


Ana Otero

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