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The Secret Whisper of Creation

In the serene amrit vela today, during that blessed twilight before dawn, I welcomed the month of Elul—Virgo, coinciding with the commencement of the New Lunar Cycle in Leo. In the rhythms of Creation as understood through Aramaic Creation Spirituality, this month symbolizes a return to the soul's sanctuary. We grant forgiveness to ourselves, offer it to others, and embody the sacred womb of creation, radiating the unblemished truth of our essence while embracing the luminous seeds of light.

May our journey into the New Year (within Gnostic Biblical and Ancient Egyptian Astrology) be filled with grace, commitment, faith, beauty and strength. May we remember that we are all part of an intricate web of life and that we are here to support and love each other.

The letter for this lunar cycle is YUD: י

Such a small letter, yet within YUD, the whole Universe is Contained, all dimensions lie within this tiny dot. This is the seed, the seed of light within us waiting to be activated.

YUD is a whispered secret of creation's divine spark, echoing the infinite in the simplest of forms.

Each one of us embodies the mystery of creation's sacred flame, reflecting eternity in our most elemental essence.

May our day be filled with radiance and I thank you infinitely for your presence.

This Sunday, August 20th: Magdalene Womb Yoga Garden of Eden Workshop. CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

August 22nd: Aramaic Magdalene Rosary Collective. Community Gathering Free of Charge, the only exchange asked for is respect towards the teachings and participants. CLICK HERE TO JOIN


Ana Otero

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