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Yeshua and Ancestral Healing

In the realm of ancestral healing, many revered mystics and spiritual guides were profoundly attuned to its importance and how necessary it was for us to evolve. Yeshua, one of the greatest healers incarnated, imparted the wisdom that through embracing unity, we can attain wholeness once more. His teachings on casting out demons underscore the potential to transcend not only the burdens inherited from our familial lineage but also those lingering from past lifetimes.

Yeshua was a healer, teacher, and Christed Holy Man. Many of his teachings and actions emphasize spiritual healing, personal redemption, and the establishment of a new covenant between Alaha and humanity. Sacred Scripture describes numerous instances of Yeshua healing individuals from various ailments, casting out demons, and even raising the dead.

Sins of the Fathers: There's a recurring theme in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) that the sins of the fathers can affect subsequent generations. Yeshua's teachings on forgiveness and redemption can be seen as a pathway to breaking such cycles.

The New Covenant: With the Last Supper, Yeshua establishes a "new covenant" in his blood (as mentioned in the Gospels, like in Luke 22:20). This can be interpreted as a new spiritual beginning, transcending old patterns and ancestral bonds.

Blessings and Curses: Yeshua frequently addressed the spiritual conditions that bound people, whether it was forgiving sins or casting out unclean spirits. By doing so, he was symbolically (and literally) addressing and healing conditions that might have persisted for generations.

Universal Message: Yeshua's message was inclusive, and his ministry often transcended cultural, social, and familial boundaries. This universality implies a broader healing that can encompass the wounds and traumas of entire communities or lineages.

Role of Women: While not directly about ancestral lineage, it's noteworthy that Yeshua had significant interactions with women, breaking with many conventions of his time. Women were among his followers, and they played pivotal roles in his ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection. This highlights the importance and value of the "mother line" or feminine lineage in the Chochma Teachings, the Wisdom Divine-Feminine Teachings that were so popular in the Mystery Traditions in the time of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

This Cycle of Elul - Virgo gives us the opportunity to purify. We can purify our bodies, our energy fields, our words, our mind. In the prayer below, I share an invocation to Yeshua to guide us to heal in this month of Elul - Virgo. You can say this prayer every morning or evening. Remember that the best times to prayer are before the sun comes out and when the sun goes down. Make this a beautiful ritual. You can smudge around your space, use anointing oils, and sit in quiet meditation after saying the prayer.

Beloved Yeshua, Light of the World and Savior of Souls,

We humbly stand before You, seeking guidance and grace.

With open hearts, we ask for your compassionate gaze

To illuminate the shadows of our ancestral lineage.

Blessed Healer, as you once cast out demons,

Assist us now in releasing the chains of the past.

May the burdens, pains, and patterns that have amassed

Be cleansed by your love, and in your mercy be deemed gone.

Guide us, Yeshua, in understanding our ancestors' stories,

Recognizing their struggles, honoring their sacrifices.

Help us transmute their sorrows into life's glories,

Freeing future generations from old vices.

In your name, let the healing light flow,

Mending wounds, breaking curses, restoring the soul.

May our lineage be purified, made whole,

With love as its foundation, and unity as its ultimate goal.

In gratitude and faith, we call upon you, Yeshua,

To guide this sacred journey of renewal and rebirth.

With your eternal love, let our souls know true mirth,


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Blessings to all of you.


Ana Otero

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